Episode #7: Breaking Faith- Our Deconstruction Stories (Part 2)


We’re back, friends! On this episode of the Room For Both Podcast, Mere shares her wildly honest journey of the unearthing that has been her spiritual deconstruction. It’s rich and raw and full of insight and encouragement that even as faith structures fall, there is hope and beauty in the aftermath.

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Here are all of the books, names, and quotes mentioned throughout this conversation. Dig in friends- it’s such good stuff!

First off, the voices that have been profoundly impactful to Mere:

Jonathan Martin- His book, How To Survive A Shipwreck, and his podcast, Son Of A Preacher Man, have both been SO, SO, SO important to Mere’s healing and deconstruction journey. Can’t say enough.

Bonnie Gray’s Finding Spiritual Whitespace. To be fair, Mere didn’t finish reading it, but this book did prove to be profoundly meaningful in many ways (even despite the flowery prose).

And then there’s The Chronicles of Narnia on Audible (narrated by Maurice Denham with a full cast). It is the PERFECT road trip companion. It’s especially wonderful if you have kids, though we are all just kids, really, so it’s basically a perfect road companion for anyone. It’s such a gift to the soul. And then there’s the books themselves...essentially what we’re saying is: get the Chronicles of Narnia in your system however you can.

Moving along to the ever-elusive Enneagram that we KEEP talking about (and have upcoming episodes to unpack!)

Ian Cron’s book, The Road Back To You is a FANTASTIC introduction to the Enneagream. He also has a podcast (Typology) in which he interviews various people with different Enneagram numbers, which is another fascinating way to expose yourself to this ancient framework for understanding yourself and others. Some of our faves include the episode with Father Richard Rohr, William Paul Young, and the one where Ian has his entire family on the show.

**Another helpful starting point for the Enneagram AND Spiral Dynamics (the colors Nic mentions) is through the Liturgist podcast (which, incidentally, just had Richard Rohr on the show!) Look at his face and tell us you don’t well up with tears like we do!

This episode is where the Liturgists unpack the Enneagram and go through all 9 types, and in this episode they unpack Spiral Dynamics!

Oh, and of course, some of our favorite badass women teachers we have read, follow, and adore:

Glennon Doyle- Author of the wildly beautiful and raw books Love Warrior and Carry On, Warrior. You can also find her dropping some serious truth bombs on Instagram or on this episode of the Deconstructionist podcast.

Nadia Bolz-Weber- Truth-telling, potty-mouthed, Jesus-revering, church-loving pastor based in Denver, Colorado. Read her book, Pastrix, and prepare to have your mind expanded.

Jen Hatmaker- Mere’s personal hero. We know, we know, yours, too. Mere’s favorite book of Jen’s that had her cackling and nearly wetting her pants in public: For The Love. Perhaps one of her favorite books to date. Just wait until Chapter 15.

We’re also just wondering how many times we might have uttered Richard Rohr’s name throughout this episode? 20? 30? 180? Either way, here’s the book Mere mentioned toward the end of Processing Out Loud. If you’re new to Father Richard’s work, this book is a great starting point.

And finally, here is the comprehensive list of all of the wonderful resources we discussed in our Yes-And segment:

Simplicity, Falling Upward and Breathing Underwater all by Richard Rohr (we told you, we’re obsessed).  Quick note: Meredith is now reading Breathing Underwater per Barbara’s (aka Nic’s Mom’s) recommendation and it.is.pro.found. So deeply illuminating and helpful.

Finding God in the Waves by Science Mike (the story of how Science Mike lost his faith and re-discovered it through science)

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-Nic & Mere

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