Episode #4: The Danger Zone


In this episode, we unpack the Families Belong Together rally we attended in Denver. As we processed our experience, the conversation quickly transitioned to a dialogue about the impact of dehumanizing the ‘other side’ and how it chips away at our common humanity. We also unpack how we can hold space for curiosity toward ourselves and others (to include those to whom we stand in direction opposition). We'll be eager to hear your thoughts!

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Well. Shoot the Breeze was an actual RIOT. You’ve got to let us know: What did YOU want to be if you could MTV Made?! And any other Free Willy folks in the house!?


Also. Can we talk about this incredible photographic evidence that Nicole indeed was the bravest 13-year-old ever who wanted to be a whale trainer at Sea World? (Note: we get this photo isn’t with her and an actual whale, but still. She’s in the water with a giant dolphin in a wet suit. Girl is badass.)

Nic w dolphin.JPG

Gosh, that was a trip. Now we've got Michael Jackson stuck in our heads again. 

Oh, and if you're curious about Mere's MTV Made dreams, here is the dance she tried to recreate at a frat house in college. ;) 


If you’re curious about any of the podcasts or books we referenced throughout the show, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered right here:

Crucial Conversations: This is the book Nic mentioned that was supremely helpful to her and her family as they wade through difficult conversations but still desire to come out on the other side closer, not divided or at odds. I (Mere) could certainly stand to read this book!

We also referenced the following podcasts:


Mere mentioned the Head and the Heart podcast. This is a show by a married duo who have been through some STUFF. Now they’re using their stories to share some of deep wisdom they’ve learned through it all. I (Mere) particularly love the first meditation after Episode 1 of 2018.

Ian Cron’s Typology podcast- this show is Enneagram specific. He has spectacular guests on the show and their conversations and stories are explained through the lens of this particular personality typing system. It’s FASCINATING and so helpful for learning more about yourself and your friends and family. Game changer. Check it out here.

Nic mentioned Christena Cleveland on the Liturgist podcast, a professor of Practice of Reconciliation at Duke University’s Divinity School who prayed with her students for President Trump after his election. You can listen to this powerful podcast episode here. (No matter where you stand on Trump, the concept of reconciliation explained through the gentleness of Professor Cleveland is so peace-giving.)

Of course we also referenced a Brene Brown book. WE CAN’T HELP OURSELVES. Mere mentioned Braving The Wilderness (her personal fav of all the BB books) when she discussed the concept of being ‘inextricably connected’ as Brene discusses in this book.

We deeply appreciated the opportunity to be a part of the Families Belong Together Rally and loved unpacking our various ‘takeaways’. We hope you enjoyed this episode as well. If you have any feedback or comments, we’d love to connect with you over on Instagram. You can also shoot us an email at roomforbothpodcast@gmail.com.

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We'll leave you with some pictures from the rally...

Thanks for journeying with us through these waters, friends. As always, we'd love to hear your thoughts, input, and questions. Drop us a line on Instagram or via email. Until next time!

-Nic & Mere

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